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Why Betlion is the king of the Betting Arena

Betlion is among the newest yet popular betting site in Kenya having been introduced in December 2018. It is run by Zumandu Limited, a company whose main agenda is to sponsor several teams and to give their customers the best value for their money and betting effort in Kenya and Uganda. Fortunately, it is a registered site by the Betting Control and Licensing Board of Kenya. This clearly makes it safe for betting.

Within the short period, it has been on the market, a great number of punters in Uganda and Kenya have embraced its services and products heartily. This is because; it ensures its players have the best betting experiences with great offers, promotions, and great odds. To top it up, it’s easy to navigate and the clean website makes it easier for betting.

Features of Betlion

However, betlion us still a new site, it comes with great features which makes it worth trying. You may miss some of the crucial parts up top betting sites, but that does not mean it is not worth it. With their aim being to give the bettors the value for their money, here is what you will find at betlion:

How to register on

It is one of the less complicated processes you will find
among several betting sites in Kenya. It gives you clear guidelines on how to
register using two ways and leaves it to you to select one that is more
convenient and easy for you. For instance:

SMS Registration

Sending an SMS is as easy as 123. Imagine all you need is to
send the word JOIN to 40418 or dial *418# and you will receive a PIN through an
SMS when the registration is successful. You can use the pin to log into your
account and there and then you will begin placing bets, withdrawing funds,
checking on bet progress, games available and much more.

 Online registration

Once you have accessed the Betlion website on, click on the red REGISTER
button at the top and you will be taken to an official registration form.

You are required to fill in the details ranging from name, email, phone number,, and your selected pin. Once you submit your details, you will receive a confirmation SMS on your phone. You re-enter the code and your registration is completed. You can begin checking on any promotions and placing bets.

How to bet on Betlion

After logging into your account, you can be able to start betting using the available games and their game IDs.  

Betting markets and
great odds

Since it is a new betting company in Kenya, it only has a number of games it covers. However, that should not block you from betting with them. They offer Football, Basketball, Cricket, Darts, Rugby and golf. Fortunately, most of the bettors bet on football games and that’s why it is still a place you can make money as most of their games have competitive odds.

BetLion offers several betting options such as live betting. You are given a chance to bet while the game is ongoing. In most cases, this feature is mainly in Football, Tennis, Volleyball, Handball, Hockey, and baseball.

They also offer virtual betting which allows its customers to place bets on computer-generated games that work the same as the real matches with real players and real teams. Players then get ash50 free bet once they reach a cumulative stake of up to sh1000.

BetLion Mobile App

Betlion allows Android phone users to download their dedicated betting app. You can download the app through a direct link on their website. Once you install the app, you are able to place bets, withdraw and deposit funds into your account, checking for new games and anything else related to your account.

However, it is unfortunate they do not have apps for iPhone users.

Betlion Bonuses, Offers, and Promotions

BetLion has a number of offers and promotions to encourage its customers while earning them a fortune. As of now, you will find the following:

  • First
    Stake Bonus

Bettors are given the opportunity to claim ksh 500 cashback on the first bet lost. To qualify for this offer, you need to place bets on games with at least 2.0 odds to get kshs 500 refunds. Once the bet is settled, your account is credited with the bonus in the next 24 hours.

  • Football Safari

This offer is for every player on BetLion. Each player has
the opportunity to win a trip to Egypt to watch the AFCON games. To be part of
this offer, you need to bet with at least kshs 50 to win an entry into the
Lucky prize Draw.

  • Refer-a-friend

This is an amazing feature as you get to enjoy a ksh100 bonus once you refer a friend to the betting site. However, your referred companion should enter your Betlion unique registered number in the required section during signup. You have no specific number of friends you need to refer to this site.

  • Loyalty

For regular customers who place bets in a row with 5 games each having a minimum odd of 2.0, BetLion rewards them with ksh 500 in free bets.

  • Second
    chance free Bet Refunds

As a first time bettor on BetLion, you got to enjoy a second
free bet if you place multiple bets of five and one spoils your win.

  • Price

You are to expect odds boost of up to 30%. During the
weekends, BetLion gives you the opportunity of choosing the teams you need them
to be involved in the betting game list.

Betlion Jackpots

Betlion offers you two jackpot options that can be played online or through an SMS.

It has the midweek jackpot which consists of 15 games. You
have to predict correct results of 15 previously determined matches and send
your predictions using the code MJP to 40418 in the format MKP#15 predictions.
You will receive a message confirmation from BetLion. If your predictions are
correct, you will win the jackpot.

They also offer the Goliath Jackpot. In this, it entails you predicting the correct result of 20 previously determined matches and send your prediction through an SMS to 40418.

How to Deposit money
into your account

Betlion among many has a unique way of depositing money into ones account. It does not only rely on Mpesa but also on mobile money and SMS. Let’s catch a glimpse on how to deposit your funds stress-free through:

  • SMS

This is perhaps one of the unique features you will come
across on Betlion as other betting sites rely on Mpesa only as a way of
depositing money into their accounts. This is how it works:

SMS the word D#Amount or Deposit#Amount to 40418. Let’s for
example say you need to deposit 100 or 500 shillings into your account, you
simply send a message D#100 or D#500 to 40418. You will receive a confirmation
on your account credit.

You are allowed to deposit up to 140, 000 shillings per day.

  • Mpesa

Mpesa is a popular mode of payment across the betting scene.
It is a cheap and convenient way of sending money into your account with a
single click on your Mpesa menu using a Pay bill number. You need to:

  • Go to Mpesa menu and select Lipan a Mpesa
  • Enter Paybill number 212927 and make sure it’s
    the number you registered  with on
  •  Enter the
    amount you wish to deposit into your account
  •  Confirm
    all the details provided are accurate before completing the transaction
  •  Enter
    your Mpesa pin and press ok
  • Wait for Mpesa confirmation

In most cases, Mpesa transactions are instantly credited
into a players account. However, there are cases where transactions may be
successful after half an hour.

Mobile Money

Using this mode of deposit, you have to:

  • Log into your Betlion account and select the
    Deposit option
  • Enter the amount you need to deposit into your
  • You will receive a message prompt that needs you
    to input your mobile money pin. Once you complete this process, your account
    will be credited immediately.

If you do not receive the prompt in a minute, consider
talking to their customer support.

Withdrawing funds
from your BetLion account

If you are in need of cash from your account, you do not
have to worry about it with betlion. You have two convenient options to
withdraw your funds. These are:

  • Online

Here, you need to log into your account, access the account
section and select the withdraw option. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw
and the money will instantly be credited into your account. Betlion allows you
withdraw as little as 50 shillings and a maximum of kshs 140,000 daily having
kshs 70,000 at a time.

  • SMS

Sending an SMS is an easy process as it does not require
much. You only have to send WD#AMOUNT#PIN or WITHDRAW#AMOUNT#PIN to 40418. The
pin stands for your betlion account pin. Once the withdrawal is successful, you
will receive a message confirmation instantly.

Betlion Customer

Contacting Betlion is so simple and their customer support is ready to help you any time of the day. If you are a new player and you haven’t found what you need to know in the FAQs section, you are free to reach them on any of their platforms. However, every platform will differ in response to your urgency.

  • Live chat

You can start a conversation with a customer support agent
by clicking on the floating green icon at the top left of the website. You have
to enter your name and phone number to start the chat. This method is effective
for urgent issues as they respond almost immediately.

  • Phone

It is easier to place a call on to speak to an agent on the
number 0709515000.However, there are cases where answering the phone may take a
while but it is effective.

  • Email

In case you have not so urgent problems regarding your
registration, account or log in, you can send them an email at

Why you should bet
with Betlion

Betlion offers you great betting experience that should help
you make that decision.  However, it may
still be new in the Kenyan market; it has won the hearts of many punters in
Kenya and Uganda. They are:

  • There are several betting markets to choose from
  • They are legit and licensed
  • Flexible payment methods
  • Excellent customer support
  • Simple registration process
  • Great odds and offers

Why not

  • It lacks a mobile app
  • Delay in crediting funds into your betting
  • Average bettor experience
  • A 20%  tax

BetLion is one of the great betting sites in East Africa.
With its great features including numerous markets to bet on, easy
registration, jackpots, and mobile app and legit, it has won the heart of many
great bettors in the industry. If you are still wondering about which site you
should choose, worry no more as BetLion is what you need. What are you waiting
for? Click on to get you


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