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Shabiki Review: Registration, jackpot and how to play

Shabiki is one of the top betting sites in Kenya. It is registered by the Betting Control and Licensing Board, BCLB, under the gaming, Lotteries and betting act. It is a unique betting site that only offers limited markets. It is a simple bookie that offers all its bets as a single jackpot.

Betting on this great website does not require much rather than a stake of Ksh 20 for a jackpot worth over Ksh 5, 000,000. To get their reward, you need to predict the correct number of goals for each of the jackpot teams. A jackpot is made up of 10 teams. It’s on the higher end, one of the easiest and straight forward jackpots you can find. is a popular betting site. However, it does not have all
the advanced features other top bookies in the country possess; it is still an
attraction to great punters. Here is what makes

Shabiki Registration is an interesting site that is mostly mobile-based. It is easier to register and place bets as most of its services are offered through their SMS number 29063.

Registration is as easy as sending the word JOIN to 29063. It is a simple process followed by a confirmation message on the number you sent the message with. This message is a link to your shabiki bet account and will cost you ksh 2. You are now ready to play your predictions, deposits, withdrawals and basically everything.

You can also register online through their website:

How to place a bet
on Shabiki

Most Shabiki jackpots run on Saturday and Sunday. However, you can
place your bets before or the first game kicks off. You can always check for
the upcoming games and matches on their website or advertisement on Television.

On Shabiki Jackpot Mbao (SJM), you will have two betting options:

  1. An own bet

Here, you have the freedom to make your own predictions depending on your own analysis. In order to place this bet; send Ksh 20 to pay bill number 290063, account number: SJM#<your prediction>, for example; SJM#01233M1234. You will receive a system confirmation of your prediction.

  • An Auto bet

The Auto bet is an automated bet on Shabiki that uses a random number system to guess outcomes (0, 1, 2, 3, 4 and more goals.)Here, you do not have to create any bet analysis as the bet is more of a slot game. However, this may not fit the professional gamblers who feel the need to analyze their own predictions.

To place an auto bet: Mpesa 20 Ksh to pay bill number 290063 and account number SJM#AUTO. Your prediction will instantly be generated by the system through an SMS.  If you need to place multiple auto bets, you can send more than ksh 20. You can play as many times as you want.

What you need to
know when placing bets

Before placing bets on Shabiki, there are several things you need to
know to ensure you play rightly. These include:

  • Within the same
    jackpot, you do not have to place the same combination severally. You need only
    use it once at a time.
  • As a player, you
    should expect to appear on promotional materials used by Shabiki.
  • Mpesa and SMS
    jackpot entries are to be entered in uniform with those on the website.

What betting
options are available on Shabiki?

There are three betting options on shabiki namely Jackpot Mbao, power 13 and Daily Jackpot. You should note that there are occasions when shabiki changes the amount of the jackpots depending on the season which makes them not fixed. You should always check on their websites on some changes or offers on the jackpot.

  • Shabiki jackpot Mbao (SJM)

Shabiki Jackpot Mbao is a popular jackpot requiring you to place bets on 10 games with a stake of Ksh 20. You can choose the Auto or Own bet option. The jackpot on most occasions amounts to ksh 20 million. However, this amount may be affected if the predictions do not have accurate results. More so, the jackpot winner is determined by the number of goals the football teams score.

  • Shabiki Daily Jackpot (DJ)

The daily jackpot guarantees the winner Ksh 250, 000 on correct prediction on 13 teams. Besides that, there are other bonuses for wagers who get correct predictions on 12, 11, 10,9,8,7 and 6 games. For those who win 5 bets, they are offered a free bet.

  • Shabiki Power 13

Shabiki Power 13 jackpot consists of 2 jackpots; the midweek and weekend jackpots. The winner can pocket up to Ksh 20 million for 13 correct predictions on either midweek or weekend jackpot. For those who predict 12, 11 and 10 correct predictions are awarded bonuses.

How to make Deposits, withdrawals and check the balance on the e-wallet

You can easily deposit and withdraw money from your e-wallet account once you become a member. For deposits, you can use 290063 as the pay bill number.  It is an easier process as going to your Mpesa menu, selecting Lipa Na Mpesa, entering 290063 as the pay bill number, do not fill the account number, enter the amount you need to deposit and enter your Mpesa pin and you have the funds in your E-wallet account.

On the other hand, if you need to withdraw money, simply send the word W#Amount to 29063.  Let’s say, you need to withdraw 500 shillings, you simply send W#500 to 29063 and you will automatically get a notification. However, depending on the money you are withdrawing, there are applicable charges. For instance, for amounts less than Ksh 1,000, you will be charged Ksh 15 and for any above 1,000 will require Ksh 22 for the transaction.

To check your e-wallet balance, SMS the word Bal to 29063. JP Bonus

Since shabiki customers mostly place bets on jackpots which start
every Saturday and Sundays. If you are a lucky player who gets 6 to 9 teams in
their prediction get some prize money. For those who get 3 to 5 predictions
correct, they are awarded a free bet ticket to use on the next jackpot.

Shabiki Customer

If you have issues with your bets, deposits, and withdrawals or need classification, you are free to reach them on 0709433000/0703163163. For the jackpot winners, you will only receive calls from 0702163163. You can also send emails on and twitter handle is @shabikiofficial.

Why you need to bet
with Shabiki

Shabiki is a popular company with lots of great features and benefits
which makes it the best. These include:

  • Easy to place bets
  • Reasonable betting
  • Easy to use website

What we disliked

  • Limited betting options
  • Lack of crucial features present in other betting sites

Shabiki is one of the oldest betting sites in Kenya. However, it may have fewer betting options and lack several features, it is still worth you trying. It is an easy and fast task betting on shabiki jackpots with simple requirements. You can place bets and enjoy watching your favorite games while waiting for your chance to win the jackpot. Depending on your choice, either auto bet or own bet, you still have the chance of winning cash. Overall, it has all it takes to be a good betting site.


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