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Mcheza Kenya: Registration, placing bets, payment options and balance

Mcheza Kenya Review

Back in 2015, Acumen communication limited started a gaming and betting platform known as Mcheza. Before it began, Mchezas’s website was just a storefront, and you couldn’t place bets online. Games codes were shared through SMS or print media.

The Betting Control Licensing Board of Kenya fully licenses MCHEZA from the time it was founded in Kenya in the year 2015; for sports betting, although football is their most popular betting sport.

Another appealing feature of Mcheza it has high odds for multi-bets.

How to bet with Mcheza

First, you have to register to become a member. Wagers can use their mobile devices or PCs to register.

You can use your mobile phone; all you have to do is download the Mcheza mobile app to facilitate your registration.

The app will always help you to be able to place bets on your desired games.

You can be able to browse games and bet without bundles on your mcheza app.

Mcheza Bonuses

Unfortunately, at the moment, the company doesn’t have a welcome bonus for new members; It has a multi-bet bonus for wagers who place bets on more than five matches.

IT’S better to read the company terms and conditions on multi-bet bonuses because they come with restrictions.

Mcheza Cash-out Feature

Cash-out is a unique feature of mcheza. When betting on either live betting, or prematch, you have an option to cash out even if the match has not ended.

With betting, there are no guarantees, and the same applies to cash out. Your team may lose or win. As such, you are cashing out a bet is not necessarily a good option because your team can end up winning, which may make you regret it.

Mcheza Pros

  • Various bonuses for playing multiple games
  • Simplified registration process
  • Mcheza cash out feature

Mcheza Cons

  • No welcome bonus
  • Low maximum payouts

How to contact Mcheza

If you are new to betting, the betting process can overwhelm you. Mcheza offers excellent customer support to its members, responding to customer queries fast.

Always free to contact through their website, most of the information 7you need to place a good bet is available on their website.

You can also use the company email, telephone, or social media channels.

Mcheza  Kenya Registration

You can register yourself through these two ways:

Online registration

A user has to go to the official mcheza website; there, you’ll spot the SIGN IN and REGISTER on the web page at the top right corner.  mcheza will present you with a form prompting you to enter specific personal details.

You will enter your number as your user name, while your schema password will be the pin you received as a confirmation SMS. After following all the procedures, you’ll have to enter your details, including your full name and region.

For security purposes, you’ll have a chance to personalize your mcheza password. You will use the password for your mcheza login moving forward. Once you complete the steps, mcheza will direct you to the login page. Use the details you provided in the previous step to access your mcheza account.

After completing the steps, you’ll see a green pop window with a successful registration confirmation message. Note that mcheza Kenya does not accept underage gambling; the minimum age required to join mcheza is 18 years and above.

Sms Method

To join Mcheza Kenya via SMS, it is so easy you send the word “CHEZA” to shortcode 29888, you’ll receive a confirmation message with a four-digit pin, you’ll use this pin as an activation code for your online mcheza account. That’s all! You are ready to start playing and winning on mcheza.

Players can register on schema Kenya using this method. Furthermore, both registration methods are free.


With the many and lovely features you get on this platform like live betting, cash out, receiving the bonuses, and the wide selection of betting games, you will enjoy being a member of mcheza. Besides, you can make single or multi bets.


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