World Cup 2018 in Russia

The world Cup finals are just around the corner and Russia is all about keeping the event in their country. There were problems with some past events putting a dark shadow on letting the event take place in Russia, however President Vladimir Putin has assured the world they no longer need to worry safety is the foremost concern of his country for visitors. The FIFA president Sepp Blatter announced in his opening address that World Cup Soccer will be held in Russia in 2018. This set the mind of the Russian people at ease. Football is a world sport enjoyed by everyone.

fifa world cup russia 2018

Russia is geared up for this great event and you cannot deprive them of hosting the event finals of 2018. The events that took place in Marseilles did not stop the Russians from collectively bargaining and out doing the English for the right to host the event. Now that this has been settled it is onward to the great event. The selection of Roy Hodgson team has been under fire by some of the English who felt that Jamie Vardy should have been deployed in the attacking position. The question will be if the English team can get their team lined up in all the proper spots to make this event one to remember. All the teams are looking at their players preparing for this great event. Here is also a great German website about World Cup 2018 in Russia.


The English should not under estimate the Russians proclaiming that they only have a mediocre team. It is a fact that the Russians are shy of two of its two best team members but that is not to say they won’t come up with some veteran players who will equalize the team mates they lost. The players in place and practicing are waiting for the game ahead. It seems that every four years the world waits for this spectacular event. Russia has been accused of corruption but Sepp Blatter dispelled this at his opening address so now Russia no longer needs to worry. The oldest rivalry is between England and Scotland which should prove to be one of the best matches during the World Cup.


The match-up of teams is very important it will determine how the football game will peak interesting everyone around the world. The draw shows that the Trinidad is now grouped with the American team while Mexico with Tobago remains matched with Honduras. Jamaica will need to be able to do a third round tie with Nicaragua to be in the final play-offs. Europe will be in the last play with Spain and Italy being placed in Group G. We find that France and Holland against each other with the international rivalry between England v Scotland the oldest in the world. These teams will be playing Germany the defending champions along with Czech Republic, Northern Ireland and Norway. The line-up of the century will be playing for the World Cup in 2018 in Russia. The event that brings the whole world together every four years.


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