Why Soccer Centers Is the Best Place for Players to Improve Their Skills

If a player–young or old–is interested in improving the quality of their game they need two things

  • The right environment to help them grow
  • Expert instruction that can provide effective guidance

Soccer Centers in Somerset, NJ has both of those things, and the evidence is in the amount of players who have elevated  their game due to the influence of Soccer Centers.

Boasting a spacious 44,000 square ft., Soccer Centers has the largest indoor facility in the Tri-State area. Players all the way from New York to Delaware travel to the facility to participate in the overnight camps and competitive leagues that Soccer Centers has to offer. When players come to Soccer Centers NJ to improve their skills, they transform into complete players.

Dutch Total Soccer Goes Beyond “Normal” Training Regimens


Most conventional soccer training methods are static. Many coaches are unable to accurately identify the various strengths and weaknesses of their students, and players often remain at the same skill level for long periods of time before they make substantial improvements. Dutch Total Soccer, which is based at Soccer Centers in Somerset, Jersey, subscribes to a totally different philosophy. Dutch-style training focuses on discovering and accentuating a player’s individual skills by honing in on ball movement and control. Players are given a series of drills that will improve their dribbling, passing, speed, footwork, defense, and scoring. These skills are the fundamental building blocks of any good player who can effortlessly exist in an individual and/or a team-based game environment.

Using Futsal as a Way to Improve Ball Control


It doesn’t matter what position someone plays, ball control is an indispensible skill. Futsal is a different form of soccer;  it’s a great way to increase one’s control of the ball. Futsal is played on a hard surface/field (usually indoor), and players use a heavy soccer ball that doesn’t bounce. The game is played 5v5, and the playing field is much smaller than what’s used for normal soccer. Physical contact is prohibited, as there is a focus on ball touches and the speed of the game. At Soccer Centers there is a Futsal court, which is used in the DTS  HYPERLINK “http://www.dtsnewjersey.com/dts-futsal/dts-futsal-academy/”Futsal HYPERLINK “http://www.dtsnewjersey.com/dts-futsal/dts-futsal-academy/” Academy. Players benefit from the heavier, harder-to-control soccer ball, along with the decreased size of the field. All of this can improve a players reflexes, foot placement, balance, and overall ball control. Due to the fast-paced nature of the game, youth love it, which also helps them learn faster.

College-Level Players Come to Soccer Centers to Keep Their Skills Sharp



The Dutch Total Soccer U23 program helps college players maintain and improve their skills. Players at the college level usually have an established foundation from years of consistent play, so when they come to the U23 program, they seek thorough instruction from qualified coaches. Many of the coaches have verified credentials from the U.S. or abroad in Europe, and can diagnose the weak points in a player’s game. The program keeps things interesting with competitive matches which test a player’s in-game abilities.

Teams Can Receive Analysis and Training

Since 2001, teams have used the expertise of the Dutch Total Soccer staff to analyze and train their players. The coaching staff at DTS identifies how players can improve technically, tactically, physically, and mentally, while specifically breaking down how players can  meet their weekly goals.

Soccer Centers New Jersey: An Exceptional Place to Play


When someone first steps foot unto the recently built indoor facility at Soccer Centers, they will notice the high quality infrastructure, the player-friendly turf technology, the comfortably spacious playing areas, and the modern equipment. For players to maximize their potential, they  need an awesome environment, and world class coaches. This is the true value and strength of Soccer Centers and Dutch Total Soccer.


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