Who won the soccer game today is a really frequently asked question!

who won the soccer game today

How are you my dear readers? Today I want to discuss about the question »who won the soccer game today«. This word phrase is searched by a very lot amount of people, so I wanted to make a comment on it and show to my readers ways, where I watch and check things. Find out more below.

who won the soccer game today

Are you looking for it too?

Where I check the results?

During different soccer leagues there are many soccer games and I’m almost sure you cannot watch all of them. This is because several reasons. You don’t have time to watch the match, you don’t know where to watch it, or you are watching a game that you prefer more. Because of that we mostly later after the match is finished check the results. I personally check results on www.rezultati.com, this is a website written in Croatian language, but I prefer it because I can check matches which are than in my matches sections and I don’t have always to watch and scroll the entire page. I’m also using www.xscores.com and www.livescore.com.

Do you want to check the highlights and more?

Well few years back I was always checking and searching on the web where can I find all the highlights from the past matches. I didn’t find it, but than my friend told me about one and I loved it. The website is called www.footytube.com. Here you can find highlights that you want, but it is also great because you can find all comments of players and coaches after or before matches. You have to check it.

Footytube Logo

Their logo.

What people say about it?

After checking all the websites below I sometimes want to hear what »real people« think about it. I check this mostly when my favorite teams play, especially my number 1 team Inter. What I do? I go and check on forums related to soccer. Most times I check on forums.bigsoccer.com or at goallegacy.net.

To conclude!

Now I hope that the question »who won the soccer game today« that is searched a lot is now more friendly to you and you know where to check details of your favorite matches. Hope you liked the article and you will share it on social profiles.


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