Who is the best soccer player in 2016? Find out here!

who is the best soccer player in the world

Soccer is a game which connects people and bring joy and happiness and because of this, so many people love it, play it and watch it, but there would not be such a popular sport without best soccer players and because of this I today decided to write about who is the best soccer player in 2016. There are so many great players in the world, so it is really hard to choose one who is the best. What you think? Maybe you may don’t agree with it, maybe you do, so let’s have a look and see who is the best soccer player in 2016.

who is the best soccer player in the world

Best soccer player is playing for Portuguese national team.

Who is it?

If I was asked who is the best soccer player of this year, I would say Cristiano Ronaldo. Of course everybody has its own view on how different player play, but I will tell you why I think he is best.

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Why him?

Ronaldo has shown us some amazing plays which we of course cannot forget so easy. Out of his plays of course most stand out his goals. He scored so many goals, in some matches even hat tricks. He has made many assists and accurate passes. I have also to mention his spectacular jump, which can make him score headers. Also his shot is very powerful and is very hard for opponent’s goalkeepers. At statistics he is currently in front of other great players, we are talking here about others best soccer players who compete with him like Lionel Messi, Arjen Robben and Neymar. I want to support my opinion also with better arguments, so I included also videos.

Some of his brilliant goals!

Saying that he scored great goals isn’t enough, so I found this video which is another this that answer a question who is the best soccer player in the world. Take a look and enjoy.

He got also other skills!

At this video you will see that he doesn’t just to know score goals, he has also other great skills.

Good person also? No way!

Yes, he is also a great person who help to different people around the world, here I mentioned a few of his donations, take a look:

  • 83,000 $ to little kid Erik Ortiz Cruz
  • 5 million € to children in Gaza
  • 165,000+ $ + to fund a cancer center at the Portuguese hospital
  • 100,000€ to rehabilitation program in Afghanistan
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Did you get an answer on who is the best soccer player in the world?

Now, I think I gave you quite a few arguments, why I think he is the best soccer player in the world, but how I said before, everybody has its own opinion and you may also not agree with me. I you agree with me or not, I hope you like this article and you will share it on social profiles. I would be very glad also if you follow me on social profiles. Have fun and enjoy!



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