What is InsideCoach ?


In a world where smart appliances and wearable’s are the latest trend and look to be what the future is all about, one company is kicking it to the curve, literally!


InsideCoach is a company on a mission to create the worlds first and only truly smart Football-soccer ball, the ball can detect and track your kicks power, speed and trajectory, it counts touches, bounces and almost every interaction with the ball. Why?
It gives players and coaches true insight into how they performed and cues for improvement, but that’s not all by meshing technology with a soccer ball they are providing youth with a tool which will keep them entertained and on the court for hours. They can even challenge their friends to beat their scores.


Inside coach however is no game, its an official ball both in terms of weight regulations and how the ball feels and reacts. Inside coach is built to he highest standards.  The ball was first launched on Kick starter where it met its goal and is now available on Indiegogo or through the website.


While it is a great tool for players it seems to be an even better gift idea for people with a soccer/football player in their lives.  Not much has been introduces into soccer as far as technology making this a truly unique approach, leaving me with only one question:


How smart is your soccer ball?


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