What equipment do you need to play soccer?

soccer equipment goal

Soccer is a great simple sport which you can play almost everywhere. To play it you don’t need a lot of things. You just need a goal, soccer ball and cleats. That’s it! These are the main things you need for playing it. Do you want more and want to look more professional? Then there are more things that you can use. Take a look below and find out what you need!

soccer equipment goal

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The main thing – soccer ball

This is the main thing that you need at this beautiful sport and you main duty is to score a goal. Choosing the right ball is important. I have also made a list of top soccer balls under 50$ which you can have a look here.

wilson traditional soccer ball

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Jerseys of your favorite team!

Next thing you can have is a jersey, this can be any kind of jerseys, but in most times it is from your favorite team. When I play soccer with friends I wear a jersey of my favorite team Inter from Milano. You should also choose your jersey.

Cleats or shoes for indoor play!

Of course, you need good footwear, if you are playing outside on the pitch than you have to have cleats. I have also made a research and wrote an article about best soccer cleats, which you can find here. Playing indoor? You should get yourself one great soccer shoes.

Nike Mercurial Victory IV FG cleats

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Above cleats are?

Socks, above cleats are socks! This is also an important equipment to have. They have to be good and give an extra comfort in our footwear. There are short and long socks. Frequently playing outside on the pitch we use long socks and for indoor playing we use short socks.

There are also shorts

Shorts are the next equipment we have to wear. They are in often bought together with jerseys, so your are in style. You can also get shorts that are not included with jerseys. There may be that kind of shorts that you feel very comfortable in, why not choose them. When I practice I also choose shorts that I feel most comfortable in.

What about goalkeepers?

Yes they need an additional accessory and this are the goalkeeper gloves. They are very important to catch and save all the balls in front of the goal. I have also made a research and wrote an article about top 5 goalkeeper’s gloves which you can read here.

goalkeeper gloves

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Shin guards for protection

Important gadget that I really recommend to use, yes these are the shin guards. They at first might seem unimportant, but they are trust me. I played a lot of games, saw and got many punches and I can confirm that they saved me and other who played before injuries. I also wrote an article about shin pads, which I use, the same model and I can say, they are great, read more here.

Nike shin pads

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Other training equipment!

There is also other training equipment which is very useful and can also help you to play better. One of them is soccer rebounder net which can help you a lot for improving you shooting drills. You can read more about it here. Stay tuned because I will write more articles about different equipment where I will discuss in depth about it.


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