This are the Top 10 international soccer teams!

Do you have in mind which are the top 10 international soccer teams? Yes, no? Here you will find national teams, which I think are the top 10. Playing for a national team or in a club is really different. I personally think that playing for your country is more honorable. Players who are selected to play for their national team show more will and desire. Furthermore there are less important tournaments when playing for national team then for a club. Biggest and most important international tournaments are World Cup and European Championship, there are also other tournament around the world, but I think these two are most watched and followed. Check below to find out for top 10 international teams.

top 10 international soccer teams

World international country flags

How I selected top 10?

I selected top 10 international soccer teams by important results in their history and how the team is playing now. However, is very hard to choose the top 10!

Here are the top 10!

  • Brazil
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Argentina
  • France
  • Spain
  • Uruguay
  • Netherlands
  • England
  • Mexico

History of World Cup winners


1930 Uruguay
1934 Italy
1938 Italy
1950 Uruguay
1954 Germany
1958 Brazil
1962 Brazil
1966 England
1970 Brazil
1974 Germany
1978 Argentina
1982 Italy
1986 Argentina
1990 Germany
1994 Brazil
1998 France
2002 Brazil
2006 Italy
2010 Spain
world cup trophy

World Cup trophy


History of Euro Championship winners

1960 Soviet Union
1964 Spain
1968 Italy
1972 Germany
1976 Czechoslovakia
1980 Germany
1984 France
1988 Netherlands
1992 Denmark
1996 Germany
2000 France
2004 Greece
2008 Spain
2012 Spain


My favorite international team is?

I’m from Slovenia and I support them, but my favorite national team is Italy. I support this international team because I in depth follow their best league Serie A and know a lot of their players. Italy also borders with Slovenia, so maybe this is an additional thing why I support them.

Italy flag

Italy flag

What I think?

I think that all top 10 international soccer teams which are mentioned above are really great. I think that a big factor for a national team to get good results is in what condition and shape are the players, if they have play well during the season they can add an extra bonus when playing for the national team. However, this is my top 10 international teams list and you might here remove and add certain country. I hope that you liked the article and that you will share it on social circles, check out also which are the top 10 teams here.


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