Preparing for soccer season is tough, isn’t it?

soccer preparation

Playing soccer is amazing, but if you want to play it good you have to be prepared and to practice quite a lot. To be prepared fiscally and physically you have to start preparing a few months before the season. At a league where we play, we started!

soccer preparation

Yes or no?

Yes, we started the preparation process two week ago and I have to say that is really tough. When we finished the first half of the season we had no training and then there were different holidays, New Year, time with family and good food.

Of course, all the things that I mentioned above have a big impact on your body and consequently to your performance on the pitch. Until we started preparation for the second half of the seasons I went sometimes running and on the pitch to maintain my condition and ball control.

I now wish I went more times, but unfortunately I got sick and I had to stay at home. When we started the preparation it was really hard for me, a big impact also had my past disease, but after time things gets easier.

I think that after a few weeks I will be already good prepared to play a match for 90 minutes. My biggest nuisance when the preparation are underway is running. I like to run with ball, when we do different actions and exercises, but is really a pain in the ass when we have to run without the ball, but we have to do it, if we want to be well prepared for playing all match.


Keep running!

Condition is very important, if you are good conditionally prepared, you spend less energy, power, you are quicker and more focused on the game. It has a big impact on the game, so you absolutely must have condition if you want to play.

To end this article I suggest you run and follow your coach’s directions and they will sure help you on the pitch, even if they are now a big pain in the ass.


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