Manchester United Adnan Januzaj

Adnan Januzaj was born in 5th February 1995. Manchester United Adnan Januzaj is a Belgian soccer player and right now plays as winger in Manchester United since 16 in March 2011 at his age of 16 years.

manchester united adnan januzajadnan januzaj playing at manchester united

Manchester United Adnan Januzaj a potential football star

It is considered that youngster Manchester United’s Adnan Januzaj could become an extraordinary football player in the soccer world. His potential is the reason which made many critics to comment this kind of phrase about him. Former Manchester United popular defender Gary Neville commented that Manchester United’s Adnan Januzaj has potential enough to become a star player very soon in the football world. Another big fan of Manchester United’s Adnan Januzaj is Neville, who has proudly declared himself impressed by his performance in the early year.


Youngster Manchester United’s Adnan Januzaj best qualities are firstly the balance, which is undeniably fantastic when he is stirring with the football and dipping his shoulder one direction to go the opposite. Another is his effortlessness. Manchester United’s Adnan Januzaj has the gift to drift past player as if they aren’t there when he attempt attacks the defender’s rear foot.

Developing stage

While both Morrison and Manchester United Adnan Januzaj are still developing their statistics quality of playing, Neville highlighted a pattern of a soccer player who is season living fit for the hype that bounded him as a youth: Aaron Ramsey an Arsenal midfielder. The interesting object around him is that the soccer club Manchester United recognized he was a solid talent and required to collect him, but the fact that meeting never occurred, added the senior coach of England. Adnan Januzaj contracted for Arsenal the following day and after that is history! Manchester United Adnan Januzaj is come back from wound and Arsenal Wenger has retained faith in this soccer player through reproach.

Established For European Debut

Adnan Januzaj could create his European entrance in the soccer Champions League smash with Real Sociedad FC. The Belgian was primarily registered for the soccer UEFA Youth League then was further to the senior soccer squad once Manchester United Adnan Januzaj developed eligible to story on the soccer club’s B category of players.

Manchester United Adnan Januzaj – we’ll definitely be in the squad

A vacant substitute for Sociedad’s FC group stage official visit to Old Trafford, Manchester United FC manager David Moyes declares the Manchester United Adnan Januzaj could place at the Anoeta football Stadium on that day. He said, Manchester United Adnan Januzaj is not tired ever and we haven’t grasped any inclines in his form yet that’s why it is easily considerable that Manchester United Adnan Januzaj we’ll continue and definitely be in the squad.


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