Lionel Messi girlfriend

He is a well-known soccer player, so a lot of people are interested in his private life, how he lives, about Messi’s  girlfriend, where he moves and what he do. Lionel girlfriend is because of this very obligated with paparazzi and other fans as him.
Messi With Girlfriend Antonella RoccuzzoAntonella-Roccuzzo
As you probably know they are watching Lionel’s girlfriend wherever she goes and I believe that she is tired of this, I think that Messi’s girlfriend would love to go somewhere with him where they would be free and alone.

Messi’s girlfriend and his son

Lionel’s girlfriend called Antonella Rocuzzo and him have also a child Thiago who has been born on 2 November 2012. Did you know that Thiago has a birthday on the same day as Wayne Rooney’s son Kai Rooney and also Steven Gerrard’s  son Lourdes Gerrard. She is also a supermodel in Argentina. She knows him since her childhood and Lionel Messi girlfriend met one of the best soccer players nowadays at the age of 5 as being the cousin of his best friend Lucas Scaglia. He then moved because of the career reasons but they kept on meeting, she and him were also spotted in a lot of occasion also including the vacations in Brazil and South Barcelona. Lionel Messi girlfriend Antonella and he got engaged in 2010.
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As you know a lot of professional soccer players have their wife’s who they were or are cheating on. Television, Magazines, Newspaper and a lot of websites talk and search about this every day. What you think is he one of them? The Paparazzi spotted him with a stripper in Las Vegas, there is also a picture of them where Messi has his head on her breast, but believe it or not nowadays this picture can completely be a fake.  What are you probably wondering right now is how Lionel Messi girlfriend reacted. Well until now we do not know how she reacted, but if there will be some new news about it just came back again and check. In my opinion  Antonella is worried about this event, but she probably does not trust those rumors. Lionel Messi girlfriend Antonella knows what the media can do today.
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