Learn soccer tricks!

Soccer tricks ad a value to the player who knows them and with that also the whole team has a onus. They are great because you can use them to dribble the opponent players when you are in a difficult possition such as surrounded by them and when you go 1 on 1 with the goalkeeper. Player who learned them has also an added value in the eyes of soccer scouts and have more possibility to move to other probably better club, so it is important to know them. They are really great and the plus here is that you can learn them, if you have enough desire and persistence.  Below you will find some information about players who are good at doing them and also get some information what tricks are good to know and how to learn soccer tricks.

Luis Suarez controls the ball

Best players who you can learn from!

Now, this are the players who are very good at doing this special movements and know how to learn them fast and to perfection.

First of all I would like first to present a great player who you probably know, his name is Ronaldinho. He has an amazing technique and he is a master of doing tricks. His career was on the top when he was playing for Barcelona. He was “cheating” so fast and he was so elastic and we can definitely say that the opponents did not know where they were. Other players learned and learn soccer tricks from him. He invented so many new tricks which are used in todays modern football .


The second player I want to mention is Cristiano Ronaldo. He learns soccer tricks so fast and he has a big talent, he is one of the best and most popular players today. Currently he plays for Real Madrid. He is really amazing, he uses them in almost every match. I bet he worked hard to learn them.

ronaldo scrissors


The third and the last player I want to mention is Lionel Messi, he is a great player, but I think that he do not learn them, he is more like a freestyler and he does them spontaneous, depending on situations. He is very good at hard situations, for example when he is surrounded by a lot of opponent’s players, in a lot of these situations he wins the battle and find a hole to get out.

 Learn soccer tricks which will make your game better

Learn things that are mentioned below and you will sure be better at matches. Learn soccer tricks which are easy to learn, but very, if not most effective.

1. scissors

2. fake kick

3. change direction quick

Epic soccer training


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