Knee rehabilitation exercises

Hello dear readers, in this article I’m going to share with you some free knee rehabilitation exercises. I’m writing this article because I have torn anterior cruciate ligament in a soccer match and wanted to get back on track as soon as possible. You will also know my story and my recommendation, which I gone through, so I suggest reading it.

knee rehabilitation exercises - knee diagram

Diagram of the right knee


My Story about knee injury exercises

I was playing a soccer match and as usually I jumped for the ball and then, when I landed on the floor the accident happened. Then I had a LCA reconstruction and after that I started to do rehabilitation exercises. I have received the exercises in hospital and done them for a month every day and then also went to rehabilitation in spa which was obligatory. This exercises helped me to gain and strengthen my muscles, I have also received a list of exercises which I had to do after the rehabilitation in spa, but I have saw that if I want to play soccer like before, I have to do more and I said, this exercises which were given to me were not enough. One day when I went to fitness in the club where I was playing to do the exercises which were given to me. There I talked to the assistant of the main coach which help players to get back on pitch after all kind of injuries. I have to say from that moment on the real rehabilitation begun. He gave me exercises and also worked with 1-2 times a week and I saw this is the right way, because exercises were difficult and I have seen big result. I known the rehabilitation is hard, so I want to give exercises for knee rehabilitation to help you. If there will be more interest on this I will give you extra tips and exercises etc. Please contact  me  under Contact page that I know if there are any interests.

Free knee rehab exercises

rehabalitation 120 reps l. and r. foot, 3 series

rehabalitation 2 20 reps, 3 series

rehabalitation 315 reps l. and r. foot, 3 series

rehabalitation 420 reps, 3 series

rehabalitation 520 reps l. and r. foot, 3 series

rehabalitation 615 reps, 3 series

rehabalitation 715 reps l. and r. foot, 3 series

rehabalitation 820 reps, 3 series

rehabalitation 915 reps l. and r. foot, 3 series

rehabalitation 1020 reps, 3 series

rehabalitation 1115 reps l. and r. foot, 3 series

rehabalitation 1210 reps l. and r. foot, 3 series

rehabalitation 1310 reps l. and r. foot, 3 series

rehabalitation 1410 reps, 3 series

rehabalitation 1510 reps l. and r. hand, 3 series

rehabalitation 1610 reps, 3 series

rehabalitation 1710 reps, 3 series

My recommendation

I recommend you to do this knee rehabilitation exercises at least 5 times a week, do them right and do not skip some. Before starting this exercises do some warm up, for example you can ride a stationary bike for 10-20 minutes at low difficulty. Be aware, if the knee begin to hurt a lot stop the exercise and do another, if it still hurts stop. I hope this will help you and you will have great results, just do the exercises.


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