Karim Benzema girlfriend

He is a soccer player who plays for a giant club Real Madrid which has always part in highest competitions and achieves the highest results and awards. He plays in striker position and is along with Cristiano Ronaldo one of the main players who are responsible to score goals. He is completing his job until, we can say very good, if we look at scored goals at Real Madrid

Karim Benzema and Sarah Williams

He has a French nationality and has a girlfriend called Sarah Williams. Karim Benzema girlfriend Sarah and he started dating when he was about 21. At that time Sarah Williams, Karim Benzema girlfriend was only 15 years old. They started dating and got close in 2009 when Karim Benzema was playing for Lyon.

Then his relationship between Karim Benzema girlfriend and him quitted for a short time. Her and him got linked together again in 2011 and it seems that they have a great time together. When it comes to Paparazzi and their pictures the couple is not shy.

Sunbathing, Sarah Williams and Karim Benzema

There are a lot of pictures where Karim Benzema girlfriend Sarah and he are together. They also like taking pictures of themselves, they just love it. In some pictures is also shown and looks like hejust cannot take his hand of his darling body. Karim Benzema girlfriend who has a darker skin was born in Geneva and is a model in France.

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The next information about Karim Benzema girlfriend and him which you will read can be surprising as they are much closer as we might think, because it turns out that they are cousins. Their religion is Islamic, which allows Karim Benzema girlfriend and him to be together, however a lot of people think that their relationship is disgusting.

Karim Benzema poster

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True love

What you think about relationship between the couple ? A lot of people also think, especially men, that she is hot, what you think about Karim Benzema girlfriend? At the moment more information about Karim Benzema girlfriend and him are not known, but we can definitely say that they are intimate and a couple. By the way come back occasionally and check this post for new information about Karim Benzema girlfriend.


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