Half of the season is past and we need new equipment!

all for soccer season equipment

Do you also have a break in league when you are playing or you have just a few matches to play until break? Well most of the leagues around the world have now or will have in a few weekends a break. Then there came holidays when we enjoy with our families and after that again start the league, so now is the perfect time to get a new equipment which you need. Do you have everything, is all in good condition, did something broke? Let’s check and see what we need!

all for soccer season equipment

What soccer equipment do you need?

Are your cleats good?

Do you have soccer cleats that can last for another half of the season? I can say that mine are quite consumed, so I will have to purchase new one. I will probably look for Adidas cleats. You should check which top cleats will be always in.

Do you have a ball?

What about the soccer ball, do you have it? Are you looking to get a new one for practicing or to play with your friends? Than take a look for soccer balls under 100$ where you will sure find one great or others under 50$ which can also be great. These 2 articles might help you. Yes, for maintain your new or current ball in best condition you should have a ball pump to regulate the air pressure.

soccer ball pump


I want to get better till second half of the season!

If you want to get better there is no other way than practice. Well if you decided that you will practice, so you will show what you improved in second half of the season, I recommend you take a look at training cones. Don’t have a stadium near you or you don’t want to get there? Take a look at portable nets or a rebounder net, this may help you.

I want less injuries

Everyone want less injuries right? To take that in order I suggest you to take a look at Nike Mercurial shin pads and compression shorts that will make your legs warm.

soccer compression shorts

Player wearing compression shorts.

Do you have everything that you need?

Do you need something or do you have all things that you need? Well I hope I reminded you what you might need. I know I have to get myself new pair of cleats, a ball pump and compression shorts. My league already finished for this year and I’m just excited and cannot wait that the second half of the season will start.



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