Check who is the highest paid soccer player!

Do you know who the highest paid soccer player in the world is? No? In this beautiful sport there are so many players who are playing it professional. I have to say that in soccer there is a lot of money if you are playing for the right club. Some clubs are making, so much money that you cannot even imagine. This are clubs like Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, these club are I am sure in the list of top 10 most earners. By having a lot of money they can buy great players, but to have them or to keep them in their clubs they have to give them high salary. Check below and find out who is the player who has the highest salary.

highest paid soccer player

Highest paid player earns?

Who is best paid?

Highest paid soccer player is currently Cristiano Ronaldo who plays for a giant Real Madrid. He is one of the most popular sportsmen in the world and because of this he is also making big money. Real Madrid extended his contract for 5 years which is worth 206 million $. This is huge isn’t it?

Cristiano Ronaldo in play

Cristiano Ronaldo

Highest paid player  is earning big money also because he has some huge sponsorship and these are like Nike, where he is wearing and promoting their new cleats and Armani, at them I made a research and saw that he is promoting their underwear. He also established his brand CR7, more detailed CR7 underwear, where he is selling mostly underwear and also socks. I first saw them at my local store and was excited. I have to say that also the price is higher from others, but hey these are Cristiano’s underwear. Take a look at them below, what do you think? I think they have a nice design. Check also his hairstyle here.

Cristiano Ronaldo underwear!

Click on picture to buy CR7 underwear!

His total earnings in a year are?

It was estimated that highest paid player Cristiano Ronaldo has earned around 80 million $ in a single year, wow, really shocking isn’t it? I would be happy with a million, hehe.

The 2 who follows him

The next who follows him is Lionel Messi, he earned approximately 64.7 million $ in one year and then here comes the unpredictable Zlatan Ibrahimovic, a Sweden who earned approximately 40.4 million $ in a year.

Lionel Messi in play

Lionel Messi

Zlatan Ibrahimovic in play

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

What I think?

First of all wow, I think all this enormous numbers which are mentioned above are too much. I think that they deserve a big salary, but not as much big. However, we know that the highest paid soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo and also some of other’s who are high paid are friendly and they donated a lot of money to people who are in need and I think this is really kind of them and hope there will be more persons like them.  You may also like an article about Best players in the world read here. I hoped you liked the article, please share this article about highest paid player on social profiles and also follow me on them.


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