Check what is Mesut Ozil religion and what he does!

Mesut Ozil player, currently a player of Arsenal plays as a midfielder and has a lot of fans which are interested in Mesut Ozil religion. A big part of his fans also want to have a jersey from a club his is playing, so now Arsenal jersey, but let’s get back to his religion, check out below and find out.

Mesut Ozil religion

His faith and…?

However Ozil was born in Germany where most of the Germans have Protestant or Roman Catholic, so it is quite surprisingly that he is a devout Muslim. Then we know that he has Muslim ancestors, so that the reason why he is a Muslim. However his faith has a big part at his career, also for the time before the match while he is preparing. He reciting verses from the Quran and praying the God. He was also interviewed and he confirmed that he is always doing before the match and that his teammates know that they don’t have to disturb him while doing it.

religion in germany

There are also some conflicts about Mesut Ozil faith, if we take an example with his career in the month of Ramadan, he eats and drinks normally, while others Muslims don’t. He said also that he cannot follow that because if you want to stay in good condition you have to drink and eat a lot, so he follows it only when he can to and this is in his free time.

Ending up

Now you know what Mesut Ozil religion is and why is he a devout Muslim in nation where other faiths prevail. I respect his religion and I also think we all must respect each other’s faith no matter where we are and what we do. This is a private part in every person and we most respect it as gold, because where are all the same, I hope you agree with me.


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