Check how tall is Cristiano Ronaldo the brilliant one!

He is a great player and is showing some perfect performances while playing, because of this he is gaining new and new fans, who search different things about him and today we will take a look at how tall is Cristiano Ronaldo. Take a look below and find out.

how tall is cristiano ronaldo

As I mentioned before Cristiano Ronaldo is a brilliant player and makes some fantastic shows when playing, but he definitely helps with his height. With his height of 1.86 m (6’1”), which surely help him to play better, is certainly a bonus in football world. With this height he can jump over his opponents and get more balls, to pass or to score some lovely headers, which he already did. Being tall as he also allows Cristiano Ronaldo to run faster. If we think about it, he is also stronger because of this than a lower opponent next to that that he has a great muscular body, which he sure work for it days and days.

Comparing with others

We have also made a comparison with other famous players, if we take a look at his biggest rival Lionel Messi, how is he tall? His height is 1.69 m. We can take a look also Zlatan Ibrahimovic a very tall man and he is 1.95 m, or Neymar which is 1.75m. The last great player we will take a look is Arjen Robben from Bayern which is 1.86 m.

Cristiano Ronaldo national match


Now we know how tall is Cristiano Ronaldo and we can say that he is sure not one of the lower players and that his height sure help him playing well. Please share this article on social circles by clicking the buttons below.


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