Check David Luiz hair, or hoax?

We know him as a player who is a Brazilian and is becoming more and more popular, so people are interested in David Luiz hair. His hairstyle is in some way unusual, to me personally funny. I also think that this hairstyle fits on him. Take a look below and see some pictures of him.

David Luiz hair

A big hoax!

Before the world cup 2014 there were also some pictures released on a Brazilian website where they said that he had got a buzz cut. This news became very popular and it was exploded around with social media. However then it has turned down that it was a big fake. Take a look at a picture where he »got a buzz cut«. On first sight we can say that the picture is quite real.

david luiz buzz haircut

david luiz buzz haircut1

Then the world cup came and we all saw that his hair is still on his head and that he is the old David Luiz.

Is this his symbol?

In my view David Luiz hair is something special and is like a symbol for him. As an example we can take when we watch a match and he see this long curly hair and we almost immediately think about David Luiz.


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