Building Satisfying Relationships

Do relationships have to be that complicated? guess not. Relationships, like any common business, require attention, investments, sacrifices, effort and time to be successful. Most of us crave to have the most satisfying relationships without working hard to build it. It needs effort and understanding to get the best from relationships either with family members, friends, and romantic partners.

In this case, we will talk about romantic relationships. As they mostly involve two parties, there is a dire need for you to satisfy the other one and make them happy. A fulfilled and satisfying relationship means you are two different people who have come together and willing to handle any situation that comes in their way either positive or negative ones to grow together. It is not true to say a satisfying relationship is easy to come by.

For any fulfilling relationship, you need to have some features present. A healthy relationship is made up of the following:

  • Love

Love is an important factor in a relationship. It gives you the strength and hope for a new tomorrow with your loved one. That strong desire you have towards someone may help you survive all storms and feel the need for improving each other. It comes with qualities such as perseverance, tolerance, patience, forgiveness, and understanding.

  • Friendship

For a relationship to be considered fulfilling there needs to be friendship. Friendship has a way of building you and binding you together. There are various studies that have proven friendship being the core quality of love and satisfying relationships.

  • Communication

For a relationship to grow there is a need for effective communication. This will help you understand your partner and accept them for who they are as you get to know them better. For you to communicate well, you need to be a good listener and understanding. You have to ensure all communication is based on honesty and truth. Effective communication will give you peace of mind and create a friendlier environment for growth.

  • Safety

Safety is very important in a relationship as it helps in the building of trust. Your partner needs to feel safe and sure of your love. Having a feeling of togetherness, physical touch and commitment will help you develop your relationships.

What you need to have a fulfilling relationship

Relationships may turn complicated if not treated as required. People often make the mistake of handling their partners in the cruelest way with the thought they will always get second chances. As we are unique, we should not expect everyone to behave the same in every situation. Having a good understanding of what level of your relationship will make it easier to decide on making it work.

 Here are a few tricks you should not only add to your daily routine but understand them to make your relationships more enviable:

Judge less

In our society today, most people tend to have a blaming finger on who did this and that, but that does not create an environment for any relationship growth. This is because; most people would not consider the possibility of them being the problem and work on their weaknesses but rather blame their partners. In most cases, if you blame each other, all you see is their negative side and not the positive which may only be creating room for breakups. You should all understand that you are human and are prone to make mistakes but can work on them together.

Relationships have flaws

Once you decide on having a relationship, you should not expect everything to be perfect. As we are all humans, there are high chances you will make mistakes, hurt each other, fight, and have arguments, loneliness, and disappointments. Preparing yourself early for all this will greatly save you. You can use these flaws to develop your relationship and accept each other. How you handle your situation will determine the future of your relationships. There may be cases you feel like giving up on each other but simply renewing what you had at the beginning and concentrating on the best memories you share could bring back the old spark.

Choose your friends wisely

Your friends will have an influence on what your relationship will turn out. If you have friends who negatively influence your relationship, either you or your partner, you are bound to fail. You do not have to let your friends make the decisions or choices for your relationship. Let your friends accept what you have and be supportive of your decisions. Friends who influence your relationship positively will help you build a long-lasting relationship. However, you need to accept you are different and cannot have the same relationships. Avoid comparing your relationships to your friends as that may have a negative impact on your relationships.

Mind your reactions

There are times you will find yourselves in difficult situations but that does not allow you to behave anyhow. You need to mind your partner even when you are offended. Before reacting negatively or outbursting, relax and be calm. First internalize and understand what may have led to a disagreement and talk to them calmly and show them you understand them and you are together in the situation and can solve the issue amicably. Try to show them you care by giving compliments, appreciation encouragement and provide them with a healthy and comfortable environment to encourage them to do the right thing and think more positively. Ensure you do not abuse them mentally, physically or emotionally as that will have a negative effect on what two of you share.

Have room for growth

Every day is a new learning experience so is the relationship. As the days go by, you will notice new things about your partner. By simply appreciating them each time will do the magic. You will know what makes them happy and what not or what is their preference and you will adjust to fit in. you will understand who your partner really is and learn their strengths and weaknesses and learn how to make each other happy. By being unique, you do not have to expect anything in return and them the same as you are two different individuals with the goal of coming together and making each other special. Learning about your partner can help strengthen your bond and give your relationship new energy to go on.

 Others include:

  • Be there for your partner and encourage them
  • Learn to do things together
  • Look after one another
  • Always ensure you do not forget you in the relationship
  • Be there for each other 

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