Best soccer player in the world in 2015

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Hello, today I will discuss about best soccer player in the world.  I will tell you a little bit of personal information about him; I will point out what were his best achievements from the past year and express my personal opinion about him. I will also say something about his biggest rival. Take a look below, find out who is the best world’s player and get to know him. For other great players check here. Find why and who is the best player in 2015.

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Click for more Cristiano Ronaldo posters.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is a fantastic soccer player who currently plays in Spain for Real Madrid.  He is 28 year old, has 186 cm, find more about his height here, and he plays for Portugal national team. His favorite jersey number is 7; consequently he wears it also at Madrid. He first played for Sporting, then he moved to Manchester United and now he plays for Madrid. He has a beautiful wife Irina Shayk and a son.

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Best soccer player in the world Achievements

Cristiano has scored in 2013 year incredible 69 goals and made 17 assists. He scored 39 goals with his right foot, 18 goals with his left foot and 14 headers, this shows that he completely controls the ball. He has given a big part in taking his country to World Cup 2014 and helped Real Madrid to won a lot matches and he has finally in 2014 and 2015 won FIFA Ballon d’Or. Take a look at his 69 goals and 17 assists he made.


Personal opinion about world’s best soccer player

Cristiano Ronaldo is a great soccer player which I respect a lot. I also play soccer, so I have to say I learned and learn a lot of new moves and tricks from him. He can score practically from everywhere and he can score it with his right, left foot or he can make a great header. We cannot forgive his free kicks which are brilliant. He is fast, he is excellent physically prepared, he does the moves quick and he has a powerful shot. He is a complete and best soccer player in the world in my point of view, others may say different, but this is my opinion.

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His biggest competitor Messi

Messi is an extraordinary player also, which has great skills and moves and I also respect and learn things from him. My biggest question here is why Ronaldo’s and Messi’s fans hate each other idol. Both of them are perfect, but people have different point of views, so I beg you do not badmouth the other player. More about Messi and Cristiano here.

Cristiano and Messi respect each other.

Cristiano and Messi respect each other.

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