Adidas Predator Absolado Soccer Boots are made for winners!

Hi there, today I will talk about adidas predator absolado soccer boots. Adidas boots are being made for a long time and they have its tradition. Below you will find out information about absolado boot’s quality & durability, design & comfort, and my personal review about it. I also play soccer, so I know how it is, when you are choosing soccer boots.

Green Adidas Absolado soccer boots, made for winners!Black and gren Predator Adidas Absolado soccer boots!


Absolado Adidas predator boots quality and durabilty

This soccer boots are made from different rubbers and synthetic materials which can really last for a long time. Look, I also have these boots and I have to say that their duration is quite long. Since now I have them for 6 months and I have to say they look almost the same, if we omit the little scratches and a little bit darker color because of the grass. The boots haven’t got any signs to be torn.

Design & comfort

In general I think that Adidas Absolado predator boots have a nice design and a nice pattern. They have also the 3 traditional stripes on the side which represent the brand Adidas. You can choose them in different colors, mine are green. From the first day I have got them and putted them onto my legs, I knew it that they will be okay. Until now I did not have any problems with my legs because of them. I did not get any calluses or anything similar to that.

My personal review

All in all I have to say that I am very happy that I bought them. They are one of my favorite soccer boots because they have a nice design and pattern, their durability is long, if I compare them to my previous boots, their durability time is almost double. They are also quite comfortable and what I love on them is the grip! With them I have better control on the ball! They are available also on Amazon you can check it bellow, if you are interested.

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