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Hello dear visitors, you are probably wondering who I’m? I am Tomaž the person on the picture below. I am from a small country called Slovenia; to be more specific this is country borders to Italy.

This is me :D

This is me :D


I love soccer, soccer is my passion. I also play it and I have to say, that I think I’m quite good at it. My way of playing soccer started when I was 5, at that time I started to kick the ball. My brother also plays this beautiful game, so I think he also had some effect on me that I started playing it. Then I joined a local club and I started to play more serious. While I was playing me and my teammates were picking trophies all around, we were very successful I have to say. I also played in Slovenian national team, on my first match I also scored a goal, it was spectacular. Oh yes, I forgot to say my position. I play as a forward and my job is to score as much goal as I can. Then a big accident happened, I got torn my knee ACL in match during the season and had to have operation. The operation was thank God successful and then I had rehabilitation. Here you can check knee rehabilitation exercises and my story. Now I’m back on track and I play soccer again at top speed.

I believe that one day I will play for a big club, hopefully for my favorite team Inter, which is playing in Serie A. My best cleats so far are Adidas Absolado cleats, with them I made some great performances and scored most goals, check more about them here. To end I want to mention who is my best player. My best player is Gareth Bale I really like him. I love his speed, condition and powerful shoot, check some of his statistics here. I would be very glad if you follow me on social profiles, see ya.

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