1st goal, yey!

1st goal yey

Dear readers, today I’m very happy and it’s a very important day for me, because today I scored my a goal in 2 SNL (second Slovenian national league). I feel great because of two reasons. Firstly it is my first goal in 2 SNL and secondly I’m very happy because I scored my goal after my knee injury (I have torn my ACL ligament).

1st goal yey

Scoring is amazing!

How do you feel after scoring a goal?

Do you score a lot of goals? Yes or no? How do you celebrate it and are you happy enough? Well when I score a goal I’m very happy and I feel I will explode because of that. It is just amazing how great I feel after scoring a goal, especially now when I scored one after a long time or when I score it against a strong team or in an important match. That is spectacular. If I’m playing against a strong team or an important match I love and hope to score a winning goal or for equalizing the result. When do you like to score?

How to score more goals?

Of course, you have to practice a lot and have some skills to score goals, but a very important thing that I think you cannot score a lot goals, even if you world class player is the mental power. You have to focus, prepare and want to score goals. If you have all this things tidy up, you will for sure score more goals.

To sum up, I hope you will score more goals in the near future and you are as happy as I’m when I’m scoring goals. Train hard, be focused and score more goals. Happy scoring!


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