10 best soccer players in the world of all time!

best soccer players of all time

We know that soccer is known quite for a long time and there have been playing it many different good players who were making fans happy with their performances. However, today there are also great players with great skills, so I decided to create a list of top 10 best soccer players in the world of all time. To make the list which you will see below I used different resources, searched and went through many players, because of that I think making a list of top 10 is quite hard. We have to be also respectful and admire other players who are not mentioned, but are still amazing. Now take a look below and find out more!

best soccer players of all time

Popular sports trough years!

Top 10!

  • Pele(Brazilian)
  • Diego Maradona(Argentinian)
  • Eusebio(Portuguese)
  • Lionel Messi(Argentinian)
  • Ronaldo(Brazilian)
  • Cristiano Ronaldo(Portuguese)
  • Zinedine Zidane(Frenchman)
  • Franz Beckenbauer(German)
  • Ronaldinho(Brazilian)
  • Johan Cruyff(Dutch)


Best continent?

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According to the list of top 10 players we can see that half of them are from Latin countries and the other half are from Europe. I think this is quite surprising because European leagues are more recognized and marked as best leagues in the world.

Who is my best player of all time?

Every person has a player that he likes most because for him he is the best and according to this my best player is Cristiano Ronaldo. I have to say that I’m the newer generation, so I think it is normal that I more admire him than Eusebio that played from 1975-1979.

What is your best and what I think?

Have you decided who your best player of all time is? However, all the players who are mentioned above have behind them a great career and I suppose amazing memories. They have played a lot of matches where they have been the best and this is why people remember them. I hope you like the article and that you will share it on social circles. I also recommend you the book below to find out more about great players trough history.

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