Best soccer players in the world!

best soccer players in the world

Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world, so there are also a lot of players because of this. All of them cannot be best, so there are just a few of best soccer players in the world. Some of players play soccer professional and are making a living from it, others are semi-professionals and there also ones who are amateur who play it for fun.

best soccer players in the world

One thing that all this player have in common is they love this game. I’m almost sure every player loves the game, but some are better than others. There are many people interested in who are the best soccer players, so today I want to present you which are the 10 best soccer players in the world by my choice and other interesting info.

How to choose best soccer players?

There are many good soccer players who are playing in top leagues and top clubs, so I have to say that choosing which are the best soccer players is not quite easy. I have chosen them by mixing different parts together. Firstly I have looked on soccer forums, what people talk about any players what they think about it and which is their best. Secondly I asked and watched what my friends talk and think. Finally I added my personal opinion on each player.

When I had all this information I added minus and pluses to each player and there came a list of top 10 soccer players in the world.

Which are the 10 best soccer players in the world?

  • Cristiano Ronaldo
  • Lionel Messi
  • Gareth Bale
  • Neymar
  • Angel Di Maria
  • James Rodriguez
  • Zlatan Ibrahimović
  • Luis Suarez
  • Marco Reus
  • Eden Hazard

It was very difficult to pick out the top ten. I will be changing this list adding/removing players in the future, so come back some times and see if anything is new.

How they become the best – facts!

We should all know that for taking part in best soccer players in the world they had to work really hard. Not just for becoming best soccer players, but also for maintain their skills now, they have to work hard. Being one of the best soccer players in the world has pluses and minuses as every job.

pluses and minuses

Pluses and Minuses

The good part is for sure that they don’t have problems with money, they can live a comfortable life.

The negative side is that they are followed a lot by paparazzi, on the basis of this they have less private life and they are less with their family.

Best of all time?

Soccer is a game that has been discovered quite a few time ago and because of this it has a big history. Until now there have been many great players who were taking care for making crowd jumping due to the excitement of their performance on the pitch. You may be interested in a post that I wrote about 10 best soccer players in the world of all time.

best soccer players of all time

Soccer players until now

Every country has its best player!

I’m almost 100% sure that every country have their best soccer player. In every country there are players who are achieving great results and showing some wonderful skills on the pitch in clubs where they play or for the national team. I have also written a post called 30 best soccer players in the world by country you might be interested, so you can check.

become better at soccer book

Become Better Soccer Player!

Want to improve and become a great or even best player?

Do you play soccer and you want to improve your skills, get better on the pitch and move & play for better clubs? The truth is achieving this is hard, but you can do it. The key element is hard work. Without hard work you cannot do it. You can check at this soccer training program that I wrote which will help you to get better results.

work hard quote

Work Hard!

They earn a lot, but who are the best paid?

Best soccer players in the world earn a lot and they don’t have problems with money, so they can afford big houses, nice cars, yacht and amazing suits. Are you wondering which are those who earn most? You can check at post name top 10 paid soccer players and figure it out.

best paid soccer players

Big salaries

Want to know which is the best of the best? Than you should check post about best soccer player in the world right now.

I hope you like this article about best soccer players in the world and you found out interesting information. If you liked it please share it on social profiles.

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